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go! Taxi App

go! Taxi

The go! app is the future of taxi hires.

Select the destination, select the vehicle, and arrive for a fixed price. Apps with love is responsible for the name creation, brand development, landing page, banner, campaign, style guide, as well as the concept, design and development of the mobile app for drivers and customers.

We summed up further insights and information of the development of this project in a blog article. Why not try out the benefits of the app yourself? Here are the direct links to go! App for iOS and Android.

Helsana +

Helsana has initiated the development of the Helsana + bonus program with the aim of creating a sustainable plus in the lives of existing and potential customers. At the heart of this program is the Helsana + app, which was designed and developed by Apps with love.

The app allows to collect points with all important health apps via Apple Health and Google Fit. However, not only sporting activities are rewarded, but also other activities, such as memberships in social or preventive organizations, precautionary measures and loyalty to Helsana. These can simply be proofed via photo upload and this way turned into “plus points”. Above all, Helsana wants to get in contact with healthy insured persons who, due to their low needs in terms of healthcare, do not have much contact with Helsana. The health-conscious behavior of customers is rewarded by this app with incentives.

The Helsana + bonus program and app was co-created with selected target customers right from the start, and was continuously adapted to the needs of users before the launch. Hundreds of Helsana customers have been recruited for beta testing, and their feedback has been used for fine-tuning and ongoing enhancements.

We have summarized further insights and information about the development of this project in this blog post.

Schweizer Fleisch Academy iPad und iPhone


Preparing meat like a pro.

The Schweizer Fleisch Academy app uses innovative features to show how to properly prepare meat. In addition to cooking courses, preparation tips with videos, and numerous recipes, a thermometer that can be linked via Bluetooth also helps to perfect meat preparation.

The blog article by Stephan Klaus will tell you more about this app.

Migros Mplay App

Migros Play

Migros in the virtual reality

The Migros M-Play collection experience revolves around the construction and equipment of the user’s own Migros branch. We realised the new M-Play app system and the current MigrosMania Virtual Reality Game together with Wirz and Ateo.

For the first time, virtual reality (VR) is really at the heart of the app. The new technology allows Mania fans to experience the Migros in an innovative way. For instance, the user can interactively immerse in a branch, and find out everything about the iconic own brand in a playful way. It only takes a smartphone, Migros-R glasses and the Migros Play app.

SARAH iPad und iPhone


All in one Smart Home

SARAH is the integrated smart home concept, becoming the heart and intelligence of your home. The all-in-one system handles the operation of an unbelievable range of everyday devices. SARAH can be operated from a tablet at home or a smartphone on the road. SARAH can communicate via the digitalSTROM architecture, removing the need for additional cables. This means that home automation is now also possible for renovations and retrofits.

Eedoctors app screens


The eedoctors app provides help via video 365 days of the year – anywhere in the world.

Competent physicians from Switzerland are available to you from 8am to 9pm. Thanks to video link, the eedoctors physicians are perfectly equipped to accept your query. The services can be charged to Swiss health insurance.

SWI App iPad

Swiss Info

The international news and information portal.

The app by SWI for people interested in Switzerland and Swiss people living abroad. The journalistic multimedia contents is up-to-date and profound. The new app includes articles, dossiers, videos, audios and galleries. The design and navigation was fully remodelled, offering various advantages: intuitively understandable, clearly arranged, and contents appears without extensive searches. The app is available in 10 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Hotelplan App


Not just for practical holiday bookings, but as a companion for the entire journey.

Apps with love developed a user interface that offers as much benefit to people looking for a holiday benefit, as people who have already booked their trip. First and foremost, this app is a mobile travel companion that provides the holiday guests with useful information and tips throughout their travels.

Swisscom Patrouille des Glaciers App Screendesign and Development by Apps with love


The app for the toughest race in the world.

Apps with love realised the operating concept, design and technical development of the official Patrouille des Glaciers app for iPhone and Android for Swisscom. Since 2012, the app has been updated for each race, with new features being added. Users can follow the race on the original PdG card by swisstopo, and watch the teams’ every step.

This app received the Gold Award in the Best of Swiss App Awards category Public Affairs.

Brack BOB app

Brack Order Button

Just one click away!

It’s never been this easy to order online: At the click of a button, the desired item is on its way to the customer’s home. The app includes a physical button with four freely selectable configurations.

MindPills App Screens

Mind Pills

The art of relaxation. Now also for humans!

The audio therapies included in this app have been developed with certified hypnosis therapists. Apps with love was responsible for the app design and technical implementation of this project, as well as the brand and campaign development.