The visual identity and visibility in the market are decisive for a successful release and acceptance by the target group. Good design creates value that can appear over time. Interaction design must serve usability; graphic design creates identity and recognisability. We develop solutions that are useful and create added value. We design strong brands and sustainable campaigns that get noticed.

Visual derivation by Joël Weber of the logo for go! Taxi

Creating identity

We accompany the development of a product from the first idea through to marketing. For the “go!” and “Fiveup” projects shown here, the whole visual identity (CI/CD) was included, which allowed us to design the project visually in one piece. We do not only develop the operating concept and UX design of the app, but also the brand name, the logo, the web presence and various advertising means.

Brand development "Fiveup" and "eedoctors

Creating user loyalty to a product

Digital projects, especially apps, are very interesting from a market point of view. The product is always very close to the customer and thus offers many marketing options. In this, the visual language should match the image and the function. The aim is to have the user form a connection with the product and make him or her want to use it.

Sustainable marketing strategies 

A good brand is always part of an overall corporate identity ecosystem of external and internal contact points but also of other brands and products. The market strategy determines the path of the vision of the brand and follows the defined values that are to be conveyed. Market messages must be clear and simple to understand so that the brand generates attention and can stand out in the market environment. What profile should the brand have and how can it stand apart from its competitors? A good brand profile corresponds with the self-perception and expectations of the customer but also matches the internal culture and philosophy.

Naming and logo designs for the go! app

Identification through colours and images

The colour and picture language of our own development "Updraft

The logo of a product is one of the most important elements of the corporate identity. But the perception is also strongly influenced by colours and imagery and, in the best-case scenario, a brand will be recognisable even without the logo and text. This makes it vital for a brand to define itself also through an idiosyncratic colour and imagery concept.

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