Co-determination and organisation

We take the time to find solutions together that suit us. 

At Apps with love, we develop our processes and structures ourselves. And continually optimise and review them. This is how we stay flexible and authentic. All employees can participate in various decision-making and topic boards, irrespective of whether this involves new projects or the strategic orientation of the company.

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Our guiding principle

What makes us strong together

  • Mission
    We are specialized in developing beautiful and user friendly apps that simplify everyday life.
  • The users at the centre
    The needs of the user, the economic goals of the customer and the technical possibilities and mobile trends lead to intuitive user experiences.
  • Passion
    We love what we do and continuously challenge ourselves. We think ahead and support each other, even across projects, to inspire our customers and users with great results.
  • Holistic thinking
    As a full-service digital agency, we accompany our customers with passion from the initial idea, concept and design to the technical development and marketing of digital products.
  • Together to the goal
    We work together in an appreciative and respectful manner. We see our partners and customers as part of the team. This team inspires, motivates, challenges and promotes.
  • Communication at eye level
    We share our knowledge. We communicate openly, directly and honestly. We address problems at an early stage, think in a solution-oriented manner and are a committed sparring partner.

Facts & Figures

  • Owner-managed PLC

    Since 2018, Apps with love has been a public limited company with the three founders as majority shareholders.

  • Founded in 2010

    Three years after the release of the iPhone, Stephan Klaus, Till Könneker and Olivier Oswald founded apps with love in Bern, Switzerland. The possibilities of how software, which we constantly carry with us like a third hand, can simplify our lives motivated the three founders to create products themselves to do just that.

  • 36 employees

    Around 30 employees work in Bern and 6 in Basel in various teams. Concept & design, project management, user research, testing & quality management, sales & marketing, finance & HR as well as front and back-end development.

  • 50+ nearshore & freelance experts

    In Switzerland, we form the brain of operations; for the diverse and complex tasks, we work with experts from all over the world to achieve the best results.

  • 200+ App store uploads

    When it comes down to complex projects in IT, web and app environment, experience is everything. In its almost 10 years of history, Apps with love has successfully implemented hundreds of projects and established them on the market through the Apps stores.

  • 30+ App Awards

    Awards are not only recognition from the market but also, and above all, confirmation of the high-quality work of our team.

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