Work at Apps with love

The people and the culture we live in are our foundation. We build our success based on them. 

At Apps with love we offer a creative working environment. We maintain a positive and cooperative atmosphere. Those who work with us are allowed to use their talent, develop it and feel at home. And of course, work on exciting projects.

Currently, we are looking for a Senior Frontend Web Developer.

We always have an open ear for talent in the areas of project management, concept & design, requirements engineering and development. Get in touch via!

Res at lunch
Mittagessen vor dem Apps with love Office
Spielen wird bei Apps with love gefördert
Vera and Florian working
Besprechung im Apps with love Office Bern
Apps with love Wandbeschriftung
Apps with love Office Bern

Living Office

Work is a part of our lives. What we make of it is up to us.

We spend a lot of time at work. That's why our office should offer space for ideas and good work processes. It is our working space but also a living room, a playground and a place of inspiration.

Just Wages

No wage negotiations. Instead an innovative wage model. 

Wages are a hot potato. Because it's not just a matter of making a living. It is also about whether employees feel they are being treated fairly in terms of their performance and their contribution to the company's success. Often, it is the person who has negotiated best who earns the most money. With Apps with love it's different. Our fair salary model is based on a basic salary for all employees and on fixed criteria that increase the salary individually. It is not about wage transparency, but about transparent and fair wage criteria.

Ämtli Karten ziehen bei Apps with love
Res Finger erhält eine Projekt Medaille
Vera sketching
Res and Stephan in the Apps with love garden
Sitzung bei Apps with love in Bern
Das Apps with love Gondeli vor dem Office in Bern
Green Room im Apps with love Office Bern
Oli Brand preparing lunch


10 reasons to work at Apps with love

  • Self-determination
    Every person is different, every person is in a different life situation. That's why we have flexible working hours and the possibility for home office.
  • Healthy working
    We use different possibilities to work in a sitting or standing position. Also important for our well-being: The monthly neck massage and vegan lunch by our own chef Oliver.
  • Time for you
    Time for hobbies, for family and friends is important to feel satisfied and balanced at work. We offer all 6 weeks of holidays, 18 weeks of maternity leave, 4 weeks of paternity leave and flexible working hours.
  • Co-determination
    We can get involved and help decide on orders or the direction of the company. Everybody is always informed. This way we quickly notice when something is no longer running smoothly and we work out a solution together.
  • Reputation
    Apps with love is one of the leading digital agencies in Switzerland and has been voted the most successful app agency in Switzerland by the Best of Swiss App Award every year since 2016. We work hard and with pleasure to remain the best.
  • Participation
    For us, success is always a team effort. That's why we all get bonus payments when things go well. Our shares are also reserved for employees only.
  • Culture
    What can we do to ensure that employees enjoy spending time at Apps with love and that everyone identifies with the company? In the culture board we deal with topics that are often neglected in everyday work.
  • Game and potion
    Whether ping-pong, «töggelen» or gaming: We support playing together during working hours. In Bern, an annual ticket for YB home games is available. And in every office there is a well-filled fridge for the evening. By the way: Once a month we have a "Thirsty Friday," a cosy evening for us, our friends, partners and customers.
  • Fair wage criteria
    We like to break new ground and have developed a fair wage model which treats all employees equally. It is not about wage transparency or equal wages, but fair wage criteria.
  • Further training
    Our individual interests and abilities are very different and can offer the company and our projects a lot of added value. Apps with love encourages and supports further education.
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