Beyond the Chains
We bundle our activities in the blockchain sector under the blokk brand.
Apps with love AG
Blockchain, Brand development

blokk. offers a comprehensive range of blockchain technology, web3 services and customized software with a focus on design and user experience to businesses worldwide. Blokk is our brand that stands for high quality software and design in the field of Blockchain and Web3.

Stephan Klaus

"We clearly see a gap and therefore an opportunity in the blockchain business: UX (user experience) and design. That's why we are positioning blokk as THE blockchain agency that, in addition to the possibilities of decentralized web, will also keep an eye on the end user's experience, i.e. the UX, the design and the usability. The choice of technology should be as irrelevant as possible, the most important thing is the added value in the context of the customer and end user."

Stephan Klaus, Apps with love CEO

Bundling of Existing Competences

Since the beginning of the crypto and blockchain hype, we have been looking at the opportunities, but of course also the risks of blockchain technology, decentralized applications (dApps), Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non Fungible Tokens (NFT's) and the corresponding platforms. As the market for blockchain services differs in many respects from the app and web market, we decided to launch an independent brand specifically for our blockchain and web3 offerings. blokk as a brand stands for the internationality of supply and demand in the blockchain sector.

Michael Schranz

"We want to offer very specific blockchain tech and web3 services directly and clearly to potential customers, which would not have been very easy and probably not that smart under the Apps with love brand."

Michael Schranz, Apps with love CXO

Know How and Already Realized Projects

With blockchain expert and "White hat" Pascal Caversaccio, who has been supporting us as a consultant for several years, blokk has a whole load of knowledge and experience at its disposal. For example, we have already created an NFT platform for digital art with the award-winning Swiss project elementum (Gold Buoy at the Best of Swiss Web Award 2021) or implemented a crypto-wallet for Startfeld that simplifies the administration of start-up funding. on a macbook
Startfeld App on a smartphone and the Startfeld Wallet

We also already have a range of projects worth seeing on the international stage with the art platform Assembly Curated for the Houston, USA-based art platform or the Crypto hardware company MNTD. headquartered in Singapore.

We are looking forward to future exciting projects and want to continue to invest specifically in the development and expansion of knowledge, competencies and research. 

Stephan Klaus

"We want to learn in this technology field and implement meaningful use cases of Decentralized Web."

Stephan Klaus, Apps with love CEO

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