App Builders 2020 - The Online Experience

11. May 2020 - from Alain Stulz

For us as developers, a software conference is always an important and exciting event. In a time-frame of just a couple of days, you get bombarded with countless new concepts, tools, and ideas. Also, you get to talk to like-minded people from all walks of life, who come to meet each other and to talk shop.

Naturally, joining our physically nearest conferences has become a regularity. Along with the Droidcon in Turin, in the last years, we were always represented at App Builders. Technically, this year's edition would have seen a new edition just focussing on iOS development, but due to the current situation, the entire event had to be reinvented. 

For us, this means that there will be no trip to Lugano, so no sunbathing at the lake, no drinks with our fellow developers, and also none of the amazing Italian espresso.

Sounds a bit depressing, but we're trying to see the positive aspects: In the new online edition on Hopin, developers from all over the world are gathering – from California and Poland all the way to Australia. Since the presentations were pre-recorded, the videos are available to re-watch directly after the talk, and the presenters are free to answer questions in the chat or share further information for everyone. There are group discussions in Zoom-like video chats, which one can watch or get involved in at any time. There is even a networking-feature similar to Chat Roulette where you get paired up with another conference member, which makes socializing perhaps even a bit easier than at a "real" conference. 

The online tool Hopin through which the conference takes place

The participants seem to agree: You can't really replace a physical conference with this, but the online editions do have some unique benefits. There is no travel expense or environmental pollution, yet one can take part in conferences all over the world.

For example, we are already looking forward to attending Apple's WWDC, which will take place completely online for the first time – thus saving developers from the very limited and expensive tickets, as well as thousands of flights to California.

This way, you can make new contacts all over the world right from your office, you can immediately apply your new insights, discuss them with work colleagues – or blog about them.

In our Blog, we not only share our conference experiences, but also interesting know how from all areas – from Animation Design to Smart Contracts to Company Culture. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date. See you at the next online conference! 👋

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