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Not only do we enjoy developing new products and digital services, we also make sure that they function with stability, reliably and in the long term. If you don’t want to hear first from your end users that there’s a problem with a solution and would instead prefer pro-active service, then you’re in good hands with us. Our support team ensures smooth operation and monitoring of the software. If, despite everything, a failure occurs, we offer our customers competent support for eliminating the error. 

Implementation, support, hosting and operation 

When running a digital product, whether a website or an app, it is (almost) always necessary to run a server. Like any other computer, this will need an update from time to time so that it can reliably continue to do what it has to do. But it’s not only the server that needs maintenance – apps and websites themselves need updates now and again because, after all, they don’t exist in a vacuum: the fundamental base, i.e. an operating system or a browser, changes constantly. Apple, Google & co. have new requirements and what might have worked in the past may not work any more. On the upside, there are plenty of new options. To make sure you’re not caught by operating system updates for example, we offer services such as proactive testing and monitoring of systems.

What does the Apps with love support organisation look like?

The Apps with love support organisation is responsible for operation, maintenance and disruption management. For the customer, Apps with love is purely a 3rd level service provider. The customer continues to be responsible for looking after and communicating with the end users.

Throughout the product life cycle, Apps with love provides support in the following areas:

Disruption Management

Our support team rushes to the rescue should an incident occur. Disruption management involves the entire organisational and technical process of reaction to known or suspected disruptions as well as measures and processes prepared for such an event. Reports are received, analyzed, prioritized and resolved by the service desk. The spectrum of potential events runs the gamut from technical problems and weaknesses to specific attacks on the IT structure.

The uppermost aim of disruption management is to eliminate disruptions to services as quickly as possible in order to keep negative impact on the business processes of the customer to the absolute minimum.

Updates & security

Naturally, we develop our products according to the current state of the art. The security of computer systems is, however, subject to fluctuations: new security gaps are discovered time and again, making updates necessary. So that our customers don’t have to watch the latest security developments like a hawk themselves, we take on the job for them.

Change Requests

In the event of changes and new requirements, change request management kicks in. The change management ensures that necessary and plannable changes are planned, authorised, executed and approved in a standardised process. Changes are realised as a project. For change request management and above all the project to be a success, a close collaboration between the customer and Apps with love is essential.

What benefits will I see from a service level agreement?

In SLAs service levels and defined and standardised. An SLA doesn’t just specify our service performance but also lays out clear relationships in the distribution of tasks and regulates the framework conditions for support enquiries. Customers receive clearly defined services at a defined price.

The SLA thus offers you as the customer security, clear processes and contact persons as well as proactive clarification of updates for the software. 

What types and levels of support does Apps with love offer?

We offer our customers individual service levels to match the product and the expectations and framework conditions of the customer. In the service level agreement between the customer and Apps with love, we define together the desired levels of reaction times, hosting and infrastructure, stand-by times and monitoring, as well as other support services, which correspond exactly to the expectations and needs of the customer. An SLA can also be adjusted to new framework conditions at any time during the lifecycle of the product. For important product launches, we offer 24h monitoring and support in the first days, for example, if this is requested by the customer. For events, we’re often on stand-by even during the night in order to be able to provide immediate support in the event of disruptions.

How is disruption processing approached?

Reporting a disruption

The service desk at Apps with love, as the organisational single point of contact (SPOC), represents the first point of contact for customers during official service hours.

The service desk is responsible for time-sensitive tasks such as disruption management, escalation management and customer enquiries.

The service desk is also responsible for the formal conclusion of service enquiries. The service team takes care of disruption management in consultation with the product team. 

The service desk is generally contacted by telephone or via mail

When making a report, it is essential that:

  • the affected system and product are stated.

  • It would also be helpful to state the version of the device, the operating system and the app. 

Qualification of a disruption

As soon as a disruption is received, it is qualified by the responsible person on the part of Apps with love. Together with the client a decision on the priority of the disruption is made. 


Establishing priority serves the management of the fault processing. Disruptions of a higher priority are processed preferentially before those with a lower level of priority.

Priority is determined based on “impact” and “urgency”. 

The impact reflects the consequences that a disruption has for the activities of the customer. Considered are the number of affected users, the financial repercussions of the disruption and damage to reputation. The maximum delay to the elimination of the disruption considered tolerable by the customer is reflected as urgency in the determination of the priority level. Decisive are the progression of the damage caused by the disruption, the number of users affected and whether or not the tasks that potentially cannot be performed by the users are time critical.  

These criteria can be adjusted in the course of the service process in consultation between both parties.


Definition of downtimes

Upon detection of a disruption, active communication with Apps with love takes place at the service desk or by means of automated reporting from an employed monitoring system. 


It is important to us that the apps and websites we develop also function reliably and stably in the long term. That's why the support team does everything it can to resolve any disruptions within the framework of the conditions defined in the SLA. 

Patrick von Arx
Patrick von Arx
Support & Help Desk
He dared to make the leap across the pond: from client to agency side. He therefore knows exactly how to make customers happy and stays as cool as a cucumber when solving problems. As a compensation, he rides a motorcycle, and despite the lack of evidence, sharp tongues persistently claim that he likes the Ballermann...
Aaron Gisi
Aaron Gisi
Concept & Design
As an intern in the concept & design team, he brought order to the jungle of process graphics. Now our support team benefits from his structured way of working. And when he's not supporting, designing, creating or tinkering with new technologies, the multi-talent is volunteering for a good cause.
Andrea Fuhrer
Andrea Fuhrer
Sales & Management Assistance
She easily manages the balancing act between her job, kinesiology training and private life. Perhaps she knows a secret remedy from her time as a chemist. Or maybe it's simply her acrobatics training that makes her juggle challenges so easily.
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