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7. September 2021 - from Michael Schranz

We won the first awards for our web design and development skills at the Best of Swiss Web Award with and Franke Digital Services. In this blog post, we tell you how this came about and what led these two projects to success.  

From Native Apps only to Full Service

About four years ago, we were faced with the decision of whether we should also offer web apps, PWAs, websites and web platforms in addition to native apps, so that we could also offer our existing and future customers browser-based digital products and services at a high level. Of course, we have already implemented some websites or online shops before, but we usually did this as part of a native app project as an "Add-On" and not as a pure web project. 

At first, we were not sure whether the past still rather limited possibilities for mobile solutions on the web would expand in the near future, or whether native apps would remain the only means for an optimal experience on the smartphone. Moreover, the market for web development was and is much more developed and very competitive compared to the more recent market for native apps, which we develop in the platform-specific programming languages Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android). 

With the clear goal of being able to continue to advise our customers in a technology-neutral and unrestricted manner in the future, we decided to rapidly expand our web competencies. We opened our second location in Basel, where we wanted to bundle and expand these competencies. Both in web design and in the programming of websites, web apps, progressive web apps and platforms we have developed strongly and steadily since then.

Now, about three years later, we can harvest some fruits with a lot of pride and joy of this not always easy expansion of our offer. In a relatively short time, we managed to win many great projects and customers in the field of web development and were able to implement many exciting digital experiences and services with them. From AR games for large Migros campaigns with extremely high visitor numbers in a short time, to digital products and services like KADDZ, or exciting long-term IoT projects together with Franke coffee machines, we could enjoy a steady growth of this offer.

Thanks to the newly acquired web competencies, we can now advise our customers in a technology-neutral manner. First and foremost, this means that after developing and validating the usage requirements, we can make a conscious decision, or a neutral recommendation, for the optimal technology and then also implement it.

Best of Swiss Web Awards 2021 - and Franke Digital Services

We are therefore more pleased that we won one of the coveted golden buoys at BOSW 2021 with the digital arts project,, and were awarded silver for Franke Digital Services. This is not only a great achievement for the project teams and the clients, but also a great motivator that we will continue to be involved in the web market in the future. - Art meets Blockchain Tech

We would never have thought that we would win a gold award at the Best of Swiss Web Awards 2021 with Elementum. Elementum fascinates us on several levels and that's probably why we were able to win this great prize with it. On the one hand, we are strongly interested in art and on the other hand, we were allowed to live out our competencies in the field of blockchain, smart contracts, crypto and NFTs here. For this startup we not only programmed the website but also developed the brand and mastered all the hurdles regarding NFTs. You can read more about this project and the marketplace here

Franke Digital Services - Silber in Productivity

The Franke Digital Services have been developed since 2018 in close collaboration between Franke and Apps with love. The new services were developed because they help to improve the customer experience and open up attractive opportunities in the coffee business. Both for customers and from Franke's perspective, the cloud-based solution simplifies processes and increases efficiency.

Franke Digital Services make it possible to view, monitor, and manage the operating and process data of a fully automatic coffee machine remotely. On a clear dashboard, operators of coffee machine fleets have an overview of the entire coffee world in the company via the web or smartphone. Sales figures can be called up in real time, targeted sales promotion measures or price adjustments can be made, or cleanliness and hygiene can be monitored for quality control. Remote maintenance such as software and configuration updates save on-site interventions and thus make processes more efficient. This is made possible by the connection of Franke fully automatic coffee machines to data networks (IoT) and the associated dashboard, with which the most important data can be accessed via web or smartphone. 

Franke thereby increases both commercial and operational performance: efforts can be massively reduced, work steps can be simplified, quality can be improved, the range of products and services can be optimized, sales can be increased, and the customer experience can be improved. And the fully automatic coffee machines connected to the Internet also open up new opportunities for end users: Together with Franke, we also have a touchless app that enables Covid-safe coffee enjoyment thanks to PWA and IoT.

Bottom Line: We will see us at the BOSW 2022

Now, for the first time, we can celebrate this success a little bit and toast together with Franke and

The Award night was a very nice event with many exciting people and a good atmosphere, which we definitely do not want to miss next year. Therefore, it will soon be said again - with which projects do we want to try it at the BOSW 2022?

We are confident that we will be able to present high-quality web projects at BOSW 2022 and of course hope to be able to convince the top-class juries with these as well.

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