Take your barbecue skills to the next level
The progressive web app "Grillitarier", which was launched as part of the Migros summer campaign 2020, combines everything that is necessary for a successful barbecue summer - from recipe ideas to the shopping list to the timer, with which the barbecued food is sure to be cooked to perfection. A challenging barbecue game adds to the excitement.
Progressive Web App


Anyone can become a barbecue professional

The News section is expanded weekly with practical tips and delicious recipes. The Migros barbecue professionals give recommendations on the best barbecue equipment and provide users with unique recipe ideas for every taste.

Thanks to the integrated grill timer, the success of any grilled food is guaranteed. Simply select the food to be grilled and the cooking level and the optimum temperature and cooking time are calculated. If the desired grill food is not listed, you can also create your own timer. So that the overview is never lost, up to 20 timers can be set simultaneously.

So that ingredients are never missing again

To make life as easy as possible for barbecue lovers, a shopping feature has been integrated. Depending on preferences or eating habits, the right barbecue package can be selected and ordered. Via LeShop, all the necessary ingredients are delivered directly to your door.

The Grillitarier app also provides information about new and attractive offers in the barbecue range. This not only saves time when shopping, but is also easy on the budget.

Grill virtually and win

Multitasking skills are put to the test in the barbecue game: The aim is to answer 20 quiz questions correctly and as quickly as possible. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on the virtual grilled food and remove it from the grill before it burns. The faster the questions are answered, the more points are awarded. Incorrectly answered questions and burnt grilled food are deducted.

Collaboration with Mutabor & implementation as a progressive web app

While the concept & design of the Grillitarier platform comes from Mutabor, Apps with love is responsible for the technical implementation of new elements as well as the adoption and adaptation of existing features.

As a progressive web app (PWA), the app combines the advantages of native and browser-based applications. Although a PWA is actually nothing more than a responsive website with some additional features, users can also access it without mobile internet and save the PWA on the home screen like a conventional native app.

Works smoothly on both smartphone and desktop

Wrapping for the app stores

To ensure that the app is also found by users who search for Grillitarier directly in the respective app store, the page was wrapped and packaged in containers. This makes it possible for a PWA to be made available in the app stores. In this way, users can download the Grillitarier PWA from the app stores like a native app.

Smooth operation and satisfied users

During the intensive campaign period, the Apps with love team ensures extensive all-round support. This includes not only technical support for the smooth operation of Grillitarier, but also the continuous and automated monitoring of the app store reviews. In this way, any errors are immediately detected and rectified, and the best possible user experience is ensured.

Roman Hofer
Roman Hofer
Co-Head of Project Management
Always has a smile on his face and is ready to crack a joke, but when it's serious you can rely on him like no other. When he's not out in the fresh air with his phone to his ear, you're sure to find him on a bike trail.
Alain Stulz
Alain Stulz
Technical Lead iOS Development
iOS developers with advanced skills. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Bern in his pocket and the improvement of our office automation always in mind. The ace hidden in our sleeve!
Olivier Oswald
Olivier Oswald
CTO | Co-Founder
His hair is well insured and is testimony to IT experience from the very earliest days of this art. There is no technical challenge that he hasn’t already faced at one time or other. It goes without saying that he has guru status and can generate WLAN through meditation.
Stefan Spieler
Stefan Spieler
Concept & Design
Design professional in all aspects. Has a beard now but is still up for every sort of goofing around when it comes to design, games, 3D, table tennis, swimming, horse riding or reading. One of the first with us and still one of the nicest.
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