Wearable Intelligence
VORN is developing an eco-system consisting of silicon sensors integrated into high-tech textiles, wearable measurement and transmission electronics, algorithm-driven software applications, artificial intelligence, a blockchain-based data wallet and cryptographically encrypted databases with interoperable interfaces.
Web development

The website of the Swiss tech start-up, which was designed by Pascher+Heinz and implemented by Apps with love, provides information on all technical specifications, measured values and data security of the "wearables".

Classic and modern design meets high-tech and precision work

As an innovative Swiss tech start-up, it is important for VORN that its innovative strength is also reflected in its website. Therefore, the website uses interactive and animated elements that put the products in the center of attention. Video content is combined with animations and invites visitors to get to know VORN while scrolling the page (scrollytelling).

Vorn Website mobile Ansicht
Vorn Website mobile Ansicht
Vorn Core mobile Ansicht
Vorn Aerial mobile Ansicht

During the implementation of the site, great importance was attached to a high-performance implementation in order to meet the quality requirements. The interactions and content are adapted to the respective platforms (mobile/desktop) and of course function fully responsive or adaptive, which guarantees good usability regardless of the device used.

Jürgen König

"Researching and tinkering, developing own products, participating in new ideas - the DNA of Apps with love - absolutely congruent with our demands. Swissness, everything from a single source, a creative and structured team, relaxed yet goal-oriented teamwork, short official channels and the same work culture - all attributes that stand for successful project work. For us as a high-tech start-up with high quality standards, the logical consequence - where else would we go?"

Jürgen König, Marketing Director VORN AG

Sophia Villiger
Sophia Villiger
Creative Web Development
Web developer with an eye for detail. There is no Javascript framework she can't control and her curiosity for new things keeps us up to date on web trends even before questions arise on Stackoverflow. With 12 years of experience in coffee-drinking, projects with her are completed even faster.
Rémy Böhler
Rémy Böhler
Head of Web Development
If he wanted to, he could program a website with his little toe while blindfolded... but he doesn’t want to. Our secret weapon when it comes to web development.
Barbara Sollmann
Barbara Sollmann
Project Management
Friendly but determined - this is how Barbara manages projects and keeps even the most complex projects under control. With experience as a manager with DYI, interior design, market research, or now with us with web projects, she brings the right PM know-how to our team in Basel.
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