App distribution for iOS and Android
With Updraft, we enable the testing of your app from the very first minutes of development. Set up is established within seconds and your app can be tested. The beta-testers can simply download and install the app directly to their smartphone via an installation link or using the web app.
Apps with love AG
Marketing, Software development, User research, Web development

Secure solution 

A secure cloud platform based in Switzerland for the continual provision of apps and user insights. We take data storage and security very seriously. Updraft is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to host their apps with a data-privacy-oriented company. 

Simple provision of applications 

Updraft is a super-easy app provision tool and is perfect for beta-tests or corporate apps that shouldn’t be made publicly available in an app store. 

Giving feedback
direct in the app 

Updraft makes it very easy for your beta-testers to give feedback or report a bug. As soon as the user makes a screenshot, a feedback mask appears within the app that enables the beta-tester to draw directly on to the screenshot and add relevant information before the feedback is sent to Updraft. You can manage all feedback and bugs received from your beta-testers directly in the dashboard of the Updraft webpage. Use the open source Updraft SDK for this purpose.  

Anja Borchhardt

Thanks to Updraft we were able to distribute beta versions of our app to several hundred beta testers via email with a Magic download link. We collected valuable feedback from these beta testers before the go-live and were able to gain them as users of the app after the launch.

Anja Borchhardt / Head of Experience Management, Helsana Versicherungen AG

Martin Mattli
Martin Mattli
Head of Operations & Quality Management
In theory, he can take apart airplane turbines and put them together again – during the flight. But that got boring after a while and now he’s our man in charge of technical quality assurance. We’re saved!
Stephan Klaus
Stephan Klaus
CEO | Co-Founder
Maintains the overview when the through-view isn’t possible. Also known as Mr Gadget because he’s on a first name basis with every device imaginable. His expertise is extensive. Ask him anything you want and he’ll know the answer.
Stefan Spieler
Stefan Spieler
Concept & Design
Design professional in all aspects. Has a beard now but is still up for every sort of goofing around when it comes to design, games, 3D, table tennis, swimming, horse riding or reading. One of the first with us and still one of the nicest.
Vera Schürch
Vera Schürch
Head of Concept & Design
Her eye for space and form turns every project into a delectable piece of eye candy. She’s a master of that old art that has all but disappeared – drawing by hand with an antiquated piece of equipment, the so-called pencil. This tool is moved over the paper and lines appear... It’s crazy!
Simon Gottstein
Simon Gottstein
Project Management & Lead QA Team
He likes to dive not only into waters of all kinds, but also into the depths of our projects. In addition to being a dive master, he is also a master of good humor, persuasion and coffee & cake breaks. With his broad experience it's all right for him to laugh - whoever implements projects with him is always entertained.
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