No Users without Marketing

There are simply too many apps and websites for you to save time and budget on decent marketing. The most user-friendly website and the most beautiful app are useless if nobody knows about them. To prevent the costs of development from being wasted, we help to create the appropriate marketing strategy. With the overall context of communication, product, development roadmap and target market, we create - together with partners - the right set of marketing measures:

App Store Optimization

With today's abundance of apps, it is essential that an app is highly visible and easy to find in the the app stores. Only an optimized App Store presence gives you a chance to get enough organic downloads in this increasingly competitive business. 

Since App Store uploads are almost daily business for us, we know what matters and are familiar with the most important tips and tricks for a successful upload. We keep an eye on rankings and reviews and also help with ongoing optimization. Detailed information about App Store optimization can be found in the blog ASO - Tips and Tricks for App Store Optimization

App Landing Page

For good app marketing you also need an appealing landing page that communicates and visualizes the advantages of the app in a simple way. This should result in a high conversion. Our web professionals implement landing pages in a search engine friendly way and together with the marketing team create the conditions for search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA).

Product Videos

Moving image is the measure of all things: For many target groups, a short, crisp video that presents the core functions of a digital product is much more appealing than just plain text. And in the App Stores, too, a well-done video drives more downloads. Since we already know and understand the products we develop together with our customers, we can skip elaborate briefings. Win-Win!

Explainer Video for Five up
Teaser Video for TapTapWinWin

Live Marketing & Product PR

Even though we mainly deal with digital products, marketing measures in the analogue world are not to be underestimated, if not indispensable. Presence in non-digital media can be significant for reaching the desired target group. We can help you create a professional press kit.

Live Marketing for TapTapWinWin at the Designfestival.
go! posters, app flyers and TapTapWinWin advertisement

Indexing, Paid Ads & Co.

Depending on the case additional measures can be applied. Or we can come up with something completely new. Further possibilities that help to attract the attention of the desired target group include:

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing

    Social networks offer great potential and many opportunities for marketing digital products. In addition to the early establishment of a user base, social networks are also ideally suited for advertising digital products. Together with specialized partners, we can support you with the concept of communication and campaign planning.

  • App Indexing

    App Indexing is about having the content of a native mobile app indexed in search engines and thus making it findable. Deep links of an app are made crawlable for Google and can be displayed in mobile search results. This helps to better market the mobile apps in the browser.

  • Paid Ads

    In addition to the organic distribution of content via social media, paid advertising can have a significant effect depending on the target group and the type of product. Together with our clients we find out where the advertising budget can be used most effectively: Promoted Tweets, sponsored content on LinkedIn, advertising via Instagram or rather Google Search Ads? With a good concept and an exact analysis we will find the right mix.

  • Referral Marketing

    Referral marketing is all about existing customers recommending a product, service or brand - either to friends, family or their business partners and customers. It is ideal when a website or app can be shared directly and without media disruption. With smart links, the right sharing functions and a solid concept for a referral program, we support our customers in user acquisition.

Retention: Loyal Users are good Users

Often the number of downloads is the primary factor in the success analysis of an app. However, this number is not very meaningful. What is more important is that the app is being used. The retention rate - i.e. the percentage of people who return to the app within a certain period of time - serves as a measure of this. There are different means used to increase the retention rate. And when we develop an app, we can of course implement these measures in line with the overall concept. This includes, for example:

  • A good onboarding

  • Remarketing

  • Push Notifications

  • Gamification

  • Apple Spotlight Search Integration

  • and many more

No Marketing without a Brand

The visual identity and visibility of a brand in the market are decisive for a successful release and acceptance by the target group. Good design creates value that can appear over time. Interaction design must serve usability; graphic design creates identity and recognition. We design strong brands and sustainable campaigns that stand out.

Creating Identity

We accompany the development of a product from the first idea through to marketing. For the “Fiveup” project shown here, the whole visual identity (CI/CD) was included, which allowed us to design the project visually in one piece. Not only did we develop the operating concept and UX design of the app, but also the brand name, the logo, the web presence and various advertising means.

Brand development of Fiveup - logo development, CI colors and font selection
Brand development "Fiveup"

Sustainable Marketing Strategies 

A good brand is always part of an overall corporate identity ecosystem of external and internal contact points but also of other brands and products. The market strategy determines the path of the vision of the brand and follows the defined values that are to be conveyed. Market messages must be clear and simple to understand so that the brand generates attention and can stand out in the market environment. What profile should the brand have and how can it stand apart from its competitors? A good brand profile corresponds with the self-perception and expectations of the customer but also matches the internal culture and philosophy.

Identification through Colours and Images

The logo of a product is one of the most important elements of the corporate identity. But the perception is also strongly influenced by colours and imagery and, in the best-case scenario, a brand will be recognized even without the logo and text. It is therefore vital for a brand to define itself also through an idiosyncratic colour and imagery concept.

The color and visual language of our own development "Updraft
The colour and picture language of our own development "Updraft

Why Marketing from Apps with love?

Because we already know the developed solutions well and can offer optimal use of synergies: We know the product, the corporate identity and have the necessary assets and designs. Which marketing measures make sense depends of course on the product and the target group. We are happy to help you put together the right marketing package.

Michael Schranz
Michael Schranz
Senior Consultant Strategy & Products
In Michael, superhuman marketing and business know-how are tightly crammed into one person. Two green thumbs and a previous life as a builder make him survivor of the fittest. But careful: he’s not only the master of the art of speed pitching and public speaking but also of the filibuster.
Maya Walther
Maya Walther
Marketing & Sales, UX-Writing
Highly qualified know-how, pragmatism, efficiency, creativity: she has it all. Fresh texts and new ideas lift our marketing team to the next level.
Valentin Naegeli
Valentin Naegeli
Head of Marketing & Sales
If you want to develop an app with us, Valentin’s the one you’ll get the first info and tips from. He’s more than familiar with the whole app ecosystem and knows if an app is worth it or if investments are going to have to be made first in marketing or a website. We also know him as “The Wolf of Landoltstreet”.
Naomi Providoli
Naomi Providoli
Content Management
Her multilingualism and background in business, media and communication studies allow her to detect even the smallest gap in the content of our clients. She likes content & cats, curiosity doesn't kill her though, but helps her ask the right questions in her studies and with us.
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