Bern ­Welcome

The Bern guide for visitors and locals
As your personal guide through the city of Bern, the Bern Welcome app provides useful information, a what’s-on calendar, inspiration for restaurants and museums, as well as the Bern Ticket. The city map with integrated AR elements allows visitors to discover the city interactively.
Bern Welcome
Concept and design, Software development

All the important and useful information 

Where are the top sightseeing spots in Bern? Where is the best place to enjoy shopping, dining or culture? As your personal guide through the city of Bern, the Bern Welcome app offers useful information, a detailed city map (incl. augmented reality), inspiration for restaurants, museums and activities in and around Bern, and a what’s-on guide with an overview of current events.

Bern with an augmented reality level 

In the AR area of the app, you can see everything that is round about you, what the building in front of you is called, how far it is to the museum and in which direction you have to walk. Especially for visitors who don’t know the city so well yet, this feature is of great added value and makes finding your way around the city child’s play.

The Bern Ticket for tourists 

Tourists who have a hotel booking in Bern can switch on the Bern Ticket in the app and use it for free public transport during their stay. 

Suggestions depending on the time, the weather and the location

What can we do when it’s raining? Where can I get something to eat at 11pm? What bars are still open close by? The Bern Welcome app always has an idea up its sleeve. 

Features in the current version 

  • Highlights in Bern

  • Discover with augmented reality

  • Bern Ticket (public transport ticket for hotel guests for downloading in the app) 

  • Bern on the map (attractions, restaurants and much more) 

  • Search function 

  • Events calendar 

  • Useful info (safety, mobility and more) 

Florian Gygax
Florian Gygax
Concept & Design
Our interface expert with a valid sailing permit. If he wasn’t so obsessed with the golden ratio, he’d probably be sailing around the Bermuda Triangle right now. Design projects are in a safe haven here.
Till Könneker
Till Könneker
Creative Direction | Co-Founder
Has a dreaded eagle eye and watches over the quality of our products. Often indulges in his thoughts and forges plans for how Apps with love can reach the next level without losing a life. Loves cats, kids and liquorice.
Sara Weibel
Sara Weibel
Co-Head of Project Management
She manages to finish everything that looked at one time like it would never end. Her forebears once worked on the pyramids at Giza, the Chinese wall and the Eiffel tower.
Raphael Neuenschwander
Raphael Neuenschwander
iOS Development & Solution Architecture
The nicest guy on earth with an accent to die for. If we were childless, we would adopt him. Plus, he’s an absolute professional when it comes to bits & bytes.
Matthias Tschanz
Matthias Tschanz
Technical Lead Backend Development
Plant power gives him his calmness, strength and height. As well as many programming languages, he also knows a few very potent magic spells that turn people into animals – so watch out!
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