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“Travel Admin” is the new travel app of the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (EDA).
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Meine Reisen: Online Registrierung für Auslandreisen
Ländersuche in Travel Admin App

A safe stay abroad 

Travel Admin was developed for the needs of travellers from Switzerland: the app offers travel information, contact information for embassies and consulates, and the latest info on the security situations in more than 200 countries. You can thus prepare optimally for your trip abroad.

Bundesrat Ignazio Cassis

Offering Swiss citizens travelling or living abroad good and easily accessible services via the latest digital technologies is a key priority for the FDFA, and it is very important to me personally.

Ignazio Cassis

Register a trip and transmit your whereabouts 

Register your trip directly in the “Travel Admin app”, save the addresses of your destination, details on the persons travelling with you and register an emergency contact address.  

Meine Reisen: Online Registrierung für Auslandreisen

This registration allows the EDA to locate you and contact you easier via SMS when a crisis occurs at your destination or the security situation deteriorates significantly. At the touch of a button, you can update your whereabouts at any time and notify the EDA.  

Ländersuche in Travel Admin App
Informationen für Reisende

Travel information for over 170 countries

Use the “Travel Admin app” to consult the EDA’s latest travel advisory information for your destination so that you can prepare optimally for your next trip abroad. 

Standorte von Vertretungen im Ausland

Find Swiss embassies and consulates 

The “Travel Admin app” offers an easy search and map function for all Swiss overseas missions that offer services to Swiss nationals. Information such as the address, opening hours, telephone numbers and email addresses will be displayed for the selected embassy or consulate. In addition, the emergency numbers for the respective destination country are given (fire, police and ambulance services).  


Don’t forget anything: practical checklists 

Use the integrated travel checklists, which you can supplement or design according to your own personal needs. You can also save documents such as copies of your passport, travel itinerary or insurance policies in the app. 

Rapid assistance abroad with the EDA Helpline 

The EDA Helpline can be contacted through the app via Skype, telephone or email and is available to offer you assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sending signs of life: In crisis situations, you can inform your selected contacts that you are safe with just a few clicks. 

Informationen EDA Helpline

There can be few people out there who haven’t found themselves in difficulty while travelling at one time or other. What should you do if you lose your passport while on holiday? Is your destination safe? Whom can you contact in case of an accident? These questions and many more can crop up before or during the trip. 

The Swiss go on 16 million trips abroad (with at least one overnight stay) every year. In addition, around 760,000 Swiss nationals live in a country outside Switzerland.  

Member of the Federal Council Ignazio Cassis presents the EDA app 

Stephan Klaus and Michael Schranz from Apps with love looked on as Federal Council member Ignazio Cassis, Chairman of the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs EDA, together with Johannes Matyassy, Director of the Consular Directorate of the EDA, tested the “Travel Admin” app live for his trip to the United States in the context of an official presentation. 

 “Supporting our citizens who are travelling or living abroad is a very important task for the EDA and one that I feel strongly about. We want to provide them with reliable and easily accessible services using the latest technological possibilities”, said Ignazio Cassis before boarding his plane to the US. “The new app is an excellent solution for creating contact between Swiss citizens and the EDA and the Confederation. They can be proud of their country”, he added. 

The “Travel Admin” app was developed to make it easier for Swiss citizens to prepare for a trip abroad and for them to be contacted in the case of crisis or disaster. 

Vera Schürch
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