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Worry-free travel
“Travel Admin” is the travel app of the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (FDFA).
2019 - heute
Consulting and strategy, Concept and design, Projektmanagement, Software development, Software testing, User research

A safe stay abroad 

Travel Admin was developed for the needs of travellers from Switzerland: the app offers travel information, contact information for embassies and consulates, and the latest info on the security situations in more than 200 countries.

Bundesrat Ignazio Cassis

«Offering Swiss citizens travelling or living abroad good and easily accessible services via the latest digital technologies is a key priority for the FDFA, and it is very important to me personally.»

Ignazio Cassis

How Travel Admin supports you when travelling

The Travel Admin app was developed to make it easier for travelers to prepare for a stay abroad and to provide them with helpful information and functions while on the road.  

Register trips and fellow travelers

Upcoming trips as well as fellow travelers and emergency contacts can be added to the Travel Admin App. This makes it easier for the FDFA to locate and contact people in the event of a crisis in the destination country or if the security situation deteriorates significantly. In addition, the recorded travel data can be easily shared with family and friends.

Enter a trip in the Travel Admin App
Record fellow travelers

Travel advice and information on Swiss representations in over 170 countries

The Travel Admin app offers access to the latest travel advice provided by the FDFA. There is also a map view with the contact details of Swiss representations abroad that offer services for Swiss nationals. Information such as the address, opening hours, telephone numbers and e-mail address are displayed for the selected embassy or consulate. The emergency numbers of the respective country of travel are also displayed (fire department, police, ambulance).

Information on Swiss representations abroad
Travel advice for individual countries

Don’t forget anything: practical checklists 

Thanks to the travel checklists, which can be added to according to your own requirements, nothing is forgotten. Documents such as passport copies, travel plans or insurance policies can also be stored in the checklists. An individual checklist can be assigned to each trip.

Travel checklists for each trip

Quick help abroad with the FDFA Helpline

What to do if you suddenly lose your passport abroad? Is the country of residence safe? Who can you contact in the event of an accident? These and other questions arise before or during a trip. The FDFA Helpline is the point of contact for difficulties during a trip abroad and can be reached via Travel Admin via Skype, phone or e-mail 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Partner services complement the Travel Admin offering
Partner services complement the Travel Admin App services

Long-term collaboration with the FDFA

The first version of the Travel Admin App was released in 2019 and was presented by Federal Council member Ignazio Cassis, Chairman of the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, together with Johannes Matyassy, Director of the Consular Directorate of the FDFA.

Stephan Klaus and Michael Schranz with Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis

After the initial release, the app was continuously improved and developed further. Based on extensive tests, interviews and feedback from users, the app was finally completely redesigned. Version 3.0 with a new design and improved functionalities was released in February 2024.

Home screen and recorded trip before and after the redesign
Country search in the Travel Admin app before and after the redesign
The Travel Admin app before and after the redesign

In addition, a widget has been developed with which the local emergency numbers can be accessed directly from the home screen.

EDA Travel Admin Widget for iOS und Android
Thileepan Rajah

«With Apps with love, we have a great partner company for the Travel Admin app at our side. Thanks to the input and contributions from Apps with love, we have been able to continuously revise and improve the app. The uncomplicated and simple collaboration is particularly enjoyable.»

Thileepan Rajah, Project Manager at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Raphael Neuenschwander
Raphael Neuenschwander
iOS Development & Solution Architecture
The nicest guy on earth with an accent to die for. If we were childless, we would adopt him. Plus, he’s an absolute professional when it comes to bits & bytes.
Milena Rutz
Milena Rutz
Head of User- and Innovation Research
She uses scientific methods to find the key issues that are all decisive for hit or flop. You’d better listen to her and do exactly what she says: her know-how is worth its weight in gold.
Michael Schranz
Michael Schranz
Senior Consultant Strategy & Products
In Michael, superhuman marketing and business know-how are tightly crammed into one person. Two green thumbs and a previous life as a builder make him survivor of the fittest. But careful: he’s not only the master of the art of speed pitching and public speaking but also of the filibuster.
Yannick Pulver
Yannick Pulver
Technical Lead Android Development
Our Android dev with style! He could have been the new face of Dior in Paris but instead he was drawn to the mountains, where he observes the beauty and richness of nature.
Matthias Ossola
Matthias Ossola
Android Development
Techie with extended talents: Not only does he have a past as a .Net developer that now benefits him as an Android dev, but he also is fluent in irony and drops sarcastic remarks while keeping a straight face. In addition, he is a speed learner in table football and teaches the established table footballers in the office the meaning of fear.
Olivier Oswald
Olivier Oswald
CTO | Co-Founder
His hair is well insured and is testimony to IT experience from the very earliest days of this art. There is no technical challenge that he hasn’t already faced at one time or other. It goes without saying that he has guru status and can generate WLAN through meditation.
Florian Gygax
Florian Gygax
Concept & Design
Our interface expert with a valid sailing permit. If he wasn’t so obsessed with the golden ratio, he’d probably be sailing around the Bermuda Triangle right now. Design projects are in a safe haven here.
Simon Gottstein
Simon Gottstein
Project Management & Lead QA Team
He likes to dive not only into waters of all kinds, but also into the depths of our projects. In addition to being a dive master, he is also a master of good humor, persuasion and coffee & cake breaks. With his broad experience it's all right for him to laugh - whoever implements projects with him is always entertained.
Samantha Howlett
Samantha Howlett
Backend Development
In her free time, she likes to explore the endless worlds of Guild Wars 2 and enjoy metal concerts. The best prerequisites, therefore, for mastering even the most complex coding challenges in a concentrated, quiet and calm manner during the day. Metal, after all 🤘.
Stefan Spieler
Stefan Spieler
Concept & Design
Design professional in all aspects. Has a beard now but is still up for every sort of goofing around when it comes to design, games, 3D, table tennis, swimming, horse riding or reading. One of the first with us and still one of the nicest.
Alain Stulz
Alain Stulz
Technical Lead iOS Development
iOS developers with advanced skills. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Bern in his pocket and the improvement of our office automation always in mind. The ace hidden in our sleeve!
Matthias Tschanz
Matthias Tschanz
Technical Lead Backend Development
Plant power gives him his calmness, strength and height. As well as many programming languages, he also knows a few very potent magic spells that turn people into animals – so watch out!
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