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Exclusive benefits for airport employees
With the ZRH Insider app, employees at the airport and in the Circle have access to numerous discounts, special offers and events organised by catering and retail partners.
Flughafen Zürich AG / Unic
Concept and design, Software development, UX Writing
ZRH Insider App - Onboarding Screen
ZRH Insider App Dashboard
Overview of available deals in the ZRH Insider App
Digital Insider card within the ZRH Insider App

Incentivizing the most valuable target group

Around 27,000 people work at Zurich Airport and in the Circle - a large and particularly valuable target group. Employees benefit from numerous discounts and special offers in the restaurants and shops at the airport. The ZRH Insider app was developed to make these benefits better known and more easily accessible to employees and to strengthen the employee community.

Digital discount card always at hand

With the ZRH Insider app, employees always have their "Insider Card" - their discount card - to hand digitally. Presenting the Insider Card entitles employees to discounts in over 100 shops & restaurants.

Person shows the Insider Card on an iPhone
The Insider Card gives employees at the airport access to numerous benefits. With the ZRH Insider App, the Insider Card is easily accessible and always at hand.

Overview of all offers

The app provides users with an alphabetical overview of all shops and their airport benefits & deals as well as practical information such as opening hours.

Alphabetical overview of the offers in the Insider Card
Detailed view of the Pret a Manger restaurant

Never miss a deal

In addition to the generally valid airport benefits, there are time-limited, one-time redeemable special offers (deals) that can be favoured. Users are reminded of favoured deals by push message before they expire. This makes it easier for users to redeem deals efficiently.

Action-based push messages activate employees as a target group with strong purchasing power, which in turn benefits shops and restaurants as important business partners for the airport.

System dialog: Allow notifications for favorites
Detailed view of a deal at Pret A Manger
System dialog: Redeeming a voucher in the Insider app
Contdown of 5 minutes to redeem a deal

Always up to date

Thanks to the integrated airport news, employees remain promptly informed about airport news or short-term operational information - such as employee parking. Thanks to ZRH Insider, internal news can be communicated to employees in a simple, target group-orientated and timely manner.

Seamless experience

The design of the ZRH Insider app blends seamlessly into the design of the airport's existing multisite platform. The consistent design system of Zurich Airport is used. The consistent design language, illustrations and standardised elements such as icons, illustrations or buttons ensure recognition and that users can quickly find their way around.

The understated, simple user interface puts the added value of the app - the deals and offers - at the centre. 

Users can log in with their existing profile on the Zurich Airport website, which keeps access to the app uncomplicated.

The success of the ZRH Insider App

The following figures show that ZRH Insider offers added value for employees at the airport and meets their needs. 

  • Around 20,000 downloads from April to January 2024

  • Almost 7,000 active users per month

  • Around 800 active users per day

  • Around 900 redeemed deals per month

The ZRH Insider App is geared towards future needs and is constantly being developed and supplemented with new practical features.

Client Unic

The ZRH Insider app is part of Zurich Airport's multisite platform, for which Unic is responsible for the design, development and operation. Unic decided to work closely with us to implement the app.

Martin Moser
Martin Moser
Project Management
Still waters run deep. A project manager with whom you can imagine sitting around a campfire, barbecuing the grizzly you’ve just caught, and pondering about the stars until the sun comes up. If you want to realise a project in a hyper-laidback, worry-free way, you’re safe in his paws.
Matthias Ossola
Matthias Ossola
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Maya Walther
Maya Walther
Marketing & Sales, UX-Writing
Highly qualified know-how, pragmatism, efficiency, creativity: she has it all. Fresh texts and new ideas lift our marketing team to the next level.
Raphael Neuenschwander
Raphael Neuenschwander
iOS Development & Solution Architecture
The nicest guy on earth with an accent to die for. If we were childless, we would adopt him. Plus, he’s an absolute professional when it comes to bits & bytes.
Stefan Spieler
Stefan Spieler
Concept & Design
Design professional in all aspects. Has a beard now but is still up for every sort of goofing around when it comes to design, games, 3D, table tennis, swimming, horse riding or reading. One of the first with us and still one of the nicest.
Yannick Pulver
Yannick Pulver
Technical Lead Android Development
Our Android dev with style! He could have been the new face of Dior in Paris but instead he was drawn to the mountains, where he observes the beauty and richness of nature.
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