Taxis the easy way
go! is the first taxi app that always allows you to travel at a fixed price. Forget about traffic jams or red lights – the fare stays the same.
yourmile AG
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A comprehensive project 

Apps with love is responsible for naming creation, brand development, landing page, banner, campaign and style guide as well as concept, design and development of the mobile app for driver and customer. The yourmile AG company is responsible for operating the app.  

Immersion for understanding

The huge scope of the project as well as the technical complexity were a challenge for us. After all, it wasn’t just about the development of an app for taxi customers – the taxi drivers, too, needed an app to be able to pick up the passenger requests as simply as possible.

From the first sketch to the final design

App becomes the taxi meter 

We immersed ourselves deep in the world of taxi drivers, studied the processes as well as the taxi business, and then developed a completely new solution that in principle makes the traditional taxi meter superfluous. Thanks to the ingenious go! back end, the app on the smartphone of the taxi driver is sufficient to be able to offer the complete service, meaning that all of the electronic stuff in the taxis can be replaced at little cost by a simple Android mobile phone. In the background, the apps of the customers and of the drivers communicate with the booking systems of the central taxi offices. And in the future they’ll do the same with the systems of the SBB so that the taxi service in the SBB’s “Door-to-door service” app can be displayed. The automated driver relaying will also make it easy for the taxi central office in the future, since in principle all orders will be processed automatically via the app. This means that the telephone operators can concentrate on support and service.

Intuitive UX design

From a design point of view, the project also presented some interesting challenges. It was clear to us that the app would have a very broad target group and that operation of the app would have to be fast and intuitive. The challenge was in developing an independent design language that would set it apart from competing products and simplify operation through reduction and clarity. The whole app can be operated with one hand and makes it possible to order a taxi with just one swipe (selection of destination) and a tap (confirm order). 

A new brand world

In order to create something new and innovative, it’s always an advantage to be in at the ground floor of the development process, from the first ideas through to marketing. The entire visual footprint (CI/CD) was included in this project, allowing us to design the project visually from one mould. Our design team centred around Till Könneker, Florian Gygax and Joël Weber, which did not only develop the operating concept and design of the app, but also put together the brand name, the logo, the web presence and the launch campaign. 

Draft campaign
Final campaign for the launch of the app

App of the Year

In 2017, the go! app was awarded the prestigious “Master of Swiss Apps Award” and is “App of the Year”. In the same year, go! also won a German design award. 

The Apps with love team at the BOSA in Zurich
Florian Gygax
Florian Gygax
Concept & Design
Our interface expert with a valid sailing permit. If he wasn’t so obsessed with the golden ratio, he’d probably be sailing around the Bermuda Triangle right now. Design projects are in a safe haven here.
Stephan Klaus
Stephan Klaus
CEO | Co-Founder
Maintains the overview when the through-view isn’t possible. Also known as Mr Gadget because he’s on a first name basis with every device imaginable. His expertise is extensive. Ask him anything you want and he’ll know the answer.
Till Könneker
Till Könneker
Creative Direction | Co-Founder
Has a dreaded eagle eye and watches over the quality of our products. Often indulges in his thoughts and forges plans for how Apps with love can reach the next level without losing a life. Loves cats, kids and liquorice.
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