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MNTD. by Rak Wireless is a provider of Helium Hotspots. We supported MNTD. in preparing the international launch of two new Helium Hotspots, helped with marketing assets and built the associated website which includes an online store.
Rak Wireless
Marketing, Concept and design, Web development

Subsite for 5G Hotspot

For the launch of the world's first "everything-in-one" Helium 5G hotspot, we have launched the subsite, which offers the new product in the MNTD. product range an appropriate stage.

The design emphasizes the modernity and aesthetics of the hotspot and the product is showcased in a creative way. MNTD. 5G is kept minimalistic, with a reduced color palette and enough whitespace. Animations and scrolling effects ensure that visiting the landing page becomes a unique experience.

MNTD. 5G subsite on a laptop and a phone
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