A mini Battle-Roulette game for Android & iOS
In TapTapWinWin, players all over the world battle it out against each other. A random game session is started between players who are currently online.
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How to play

First, a random opponent with the same experience level is sought worldwide. If no one is online, you can also play against a bot but you won’t get any points for it. It’s always the best of five. The player who wins the most challenges also wins the session and is rewarded with points and an increase in level. More play modes are planned, e.g. “play local” or “play with friends”. We are also thinking about a sort of joker which you can use to make the other player’s life more difficult during the game. But for the first version, we’ve concentrated on the game itself and left everything else to one side for now. 

The challenges

The mini challenges have been kept graphically very simple and vary from super-easy to extremely tricky. The simple graphics make it easy for even less-experienced players to keep up. Since both players get the same challenge, it’s all about who can understand and solve the challenge fastest. The fun of the game is in knowing that a real plyer is trying to solve the same task at the same time. The challenge might be really trivial but you still have to react faster than your opponent. So, TapTapWinWin is a game that cashes in on the live situation and the stress triggered by that situation, rather than on exciting levels or opponents.

We’ve already drafted more than 100 challenges and implemented about 50. More challenges will be added over time and the TapTap community, too, is always inventing new mini games for the game. The aim is to someday have the largest mini-game collection in the world playable.

Challenge ideas from the TapTap community

Opponent selfies

What makes TapTapWinWin special, in addition to the adrenalin-infused game principle, is the winner/loser selfie. In the game, players play against people from all over the world, but, in TapTapWinWin, you actually get to see them. After every second challenge, the game triggers a selfie and sends this to the opponent. It’s twice as much fun when you get to see your opponent’s losing face. The selfies are not saved and disappear again immediately. These selfies boost the feeling of playing live and your opponents have a face. In the future, we want to make it possible to save opponents as friends so that you can challenge them again. 

Screenshot from beta testing with the selfie function


This game has been developed specially for mobiles and, for every challenge, the players also have to find out what type of interaction is required. Simply pressing on the screen helps only in a very few challenges so players have to experiment as to which movements and gestures can help solve the task. In the test phase, we noticed that this game works and can be played across all generations, which is something that can be traced back to the reduction of the design and operation with basic gestures. 

Öffentlicher Betatest beim Designfestival in Bern, 2019

The development

It all started with an idea from Till Könneker that was introduced in the internal ID lab. The project was given the go there for the development of a prototype. The implementation began as an internship project by Yannick Pulver and Maximilian Lemberg. Currently, 120 challenges have been conceived and will be implemented step by step. The team grew and Stefan Spieler also got heavily involved in the implementation of the game, with more and more ideas filling the backlogs. The whole game is implemented in unity, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Challenges can be constantly supplemented, which is super, but the complex multiplayer system on Unity is still susceptible to the craziest errors for whose repeatability we’ve already awarded great prizes. So, for the first publicly released version, we decided to go without everything that wasn’t absolutely essential. 

The Design Festival Bern took a look at the development of TapTapWinWin and made this short film


For the first publicly released version, we decided to go without everything that wasn’t absolutely essential. Nevertheless, we have many functions that could make the player experience even better, such as the use of jokers to make the game harder for the opponent, various multiplayer variations or comprehensive statistics and best-lists for the challenges. We are also considering building in a friending feature which would allow befriending players you like by connecting with them on social media platforms. The possibilities are vast but our time and budget ran out long ago.

Various features that did not make it into the current MVP version.
Till Könneker
Till Könneker
Creative Direction | Co-Founder
Has a dreaded eagle eye and watches over the quality of our products. Often indulges in his thoughts and forges plans for how Apps with love can reach the next level without losing a life. Loves cats, kids and liquorice.
Maximilian Lemberg
Maximilian Lemberg
iOS Development
Maxi is an initiator and creates enthusiasm not only on trial days, but also at team outings, hackathons, thirsty fridays, basketball games - in fact at any kind of event. Thanks to his DJ sets, even at office housewarmings no one sits still and the team stays motivated. Or as he would probably say: hyped.
Yannick Pulver
Yannick Pulver
Technical Lead Android Development
Our Android dev with style! He could have been the new face of Dior in Paris but instead he was drawn to the mountains, where he observes the beauty and richness of nature.
Stefan Spieler
Stefan Spieler
Concept & Design
Design professional in all aspects. Has a beard now but is still up for every sort of goofing around when it comes to design, games, 3D, table tennis, swimming, horse riding or reading. One of the first with us and still one of the nicest.
Fabienne Meister
Fabienne Meister
Quality Management & People Development
Managing projects and solving problems are a piece of cake for her. She can juggle eight burning balls while practicing show jumping on her blind Shetland pony. Easy!
Michael Schranz
Michael Schranz
Senior Consultant Strategy & Products
In Michael, superhuman marketing and business know-how are tightly crammed into one person. Two green thumbs and a previous life as a builder make him survivor of the fittest. But careful: he’s not only the master of the art of speed pitching and public speaking but also of the filibuster.
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