The main aim of this app is physical and mental preparation for the recruitment school of the Swiss army.
Swiss Army
Team Armee Training App Cover

The toughest fitness app in Switzerland 

An app developed for the Swiss army in collaboration with the Federal Agency for Sport (BASPO), which draws in conscripts even before their recruitment day and supports them in their preparation for enlistment. Thanks to a fitness programme tailored to the individual and the desired military position, prospective recruits can train specifically for the physical and psychological challenges they will later face.


The ready app can be used initially as a versatile sports app. Based on a few personal details such as gender, age and weight as well as a simple, achievable, self-conducted fitness test, the app puts together a customised training programme to strengthen the muscles and increase endurance. It can also be used to keep a training dairy, and the training goals achieved can be shared on social media. Information on motivation, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle round off the fitness packet. But this is by no means the limit of the ready #teamarmee app’s scope.

The highlight: custom function 

Together with the high level of professionalism, the true USP of this app is your custom function. This means that the app offers the conscripts the option of preparing specifically for a particular military position. It creates a long-term training programme to match the personal profile, based on the corresponding input. The app thus actively assists the recruit-to-be in achieving the respective fitness level for their desired military career, which begins on recruitment day.

Of course, the app is no guarantee that all the recruit’s military dreams will come true but, with proper use, it will increase the chances considerably of coming closer to the goal in sight come recruitment day. The value that the app brings for the later commitment and motivation of the new recruits in boot camp cannot be overestimated. This makes ready #teamarmee primarily – though not exclusively – intended for the 14-18-year-old target group, who want to get to know the army and sufficiently prepare themselves physically for recruitment day. 

Motivation through virtual awards 

Individual awards are a tradition in the military and are an important motivational factor. In the app, too, recruits can collect a wide range of awards.


In order to develop a truly useful app, it was crucial to devise the functions together with specialists. We worked closely with the responsible people in the Swiss army, and the content and functions were developed and implemented together with the Federal Agency for Sport (BASPO).

Development of the app structure and UX studies
Vera Schürch
Vera Schürch
Head of Concept & Design
Her eye for space and form turns every project into a delectable piece of eye candy. She’s a master of that old art that has all but disappeared – drawing by hand with an antiquated piece of equipment, the so-called pencil. This tool is moved over the paper and lines appear... It’s crazy!
Florian Gygax
Florian Gygax
Concept & Design
Our interface expert with a valid sailing permit. If he wasn’t so obsessed with the golden ratio, he’d probably be sailing around the Bermuda Triangle right now. Design projects are in a safe haven here.
Sara Weibel
Sara Weibel
Co-Head of Project Management
She manages to finish everything that looked at one time like it would never end. Her forebears once worked on the pyramids at Giza, the Chinese wall and the Eiffel tower.
Till Könneker
Till Könneker
Creative Direction | Co-Founder
Has a dreaded eagle eye and watches over the quality of our products. Often indulges in his thoughts and forges plans for how Apps with love can reach the next level without losing a life. Loves cats, kids and liquorice.
Raphael Neuenschwander
Raphael Neuenschwander
iOS Development
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