Etwas tun?!

A toolbox for maintaining mental health
"Etwas tun?!" ("Do something?!") offers expert knowledge, tips on how to deal with work overload, change, frustration, offending or mental abnormalities at work. Interactive exercises ensure targeted sensitization and learning success.
Angestellte Schweiz and WorkMed
Web development, Concept and design, User research
Etwas tun on desktop and mobile

The initiative of Angestellte Switzerland and WorkMed contributes to the prevention and maintenance of mental health in the workplace.

Prevention instead of cure

A survey by Health Promotion Switzerland, which was conducted in January 2021 with over 3,000 people, shows that while taking care of one's own mental health is important to many people, only a few know what they can specifically do about it. 

Health Promotion Switzerland therefore sees a need for action in providing information and breaking down barriers that prevent people from seeking help. This is where "Etwas tun?!" should come in and serve as a preventive tool.

User-centred approach

We were able to provide user research, web design and the technical implementation for "Etwas tun!?". To ensure that the web app actually meets the expectations and needs of the users, the target group was involved in the development process at an early stage. User testing was used to validate the functionalities and collect feedback from the target group so that improvements could be made to the planned workflow and usability even before the start of the technical development.

Jan Borer

"We at Angestellte Schweiz attach great importance to helping employees in Switzerland. Through the cooperation with Apps with love, we have succeeded in doing so with "Etwas tun?!". A web app for maintaining mental health in the workplace. Apps with love supported us on this journey with great expertise in user testing, UX design and development. The collaboration was pleasant and goal-oriented - through regular exchange it was possible to continuously adapt our web app to the needs of our target group. We're glad to have found a great partner in Apps with love!"

Jan Borer, project manager at Angestellte Schweiz

Making information accessible

In the information part of the web app, content that enables the classic build-up of knowledge is made available. With the help of surveys, the WorkMed experts have identified four topics that cause the most difficulties for employees in their daily work.

Article overview

Interactive exercises

In the exercise section of the web app, users can strengthen their knowledge with interactive exercises and achieve valuable learning success.

Overview exercises frustration

There are different types of exercises:

  • Experiential exercises that help to process past experiences

  • Case studies that enable users to influence the course of a fictitious situation with their decisions

  • Small exercises for in between, which help to build up competences such as mindfulness or break management

  • Questionnaires with which one's own knowledge can be tested in line with the topic

Every exercise is structured as a dialogue, which guides the users easily through the exercises.

Exercise dialog

Breaking down barriers

Mental health is still largely stigmatized and a taboo subject. Lack of social contacts or the cost of professional help also prevent people from seeking help. An important step to promote mental health is therefore to break down barriers. 

With "Etwas tun?!", a tool has now been developed to support people in staying mentally healthy in a simple and accessible way.

"Etwas tun?!" does not collect any data that allows conclusions about individual users. Only the account holders have access to their answers. Therefore s a secure training environment is created.

Barbara Sollmann
Barbara Sollmann
Project Management
Friendly but determined - this is how Barbara manages projects and keeps even the most complex projects under control. With experience as a manager with DYI, interior design, market research, or now with us with web projects, she brings the right PM know-how to our team in Basel.
Rémy Böhler
Rémy Böhler
Head of Web Development
If he wanted to, he could program a website with his little toe while blindfolded... but he doesn’t want to. Our secret weapon when it comes to web development.
Sophia Villiger
Sophia Villiger
Creative Web Development
Web developer with an eye for detail. There is no Javascript framework she can't control and her curiosity for new things keeps us up to date on web trends even before questions arise on Stackoverflow. With 12 years of experience in coffee-drinking, projects with her are completed even faster.
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