Migros Cam­paigns

Seasonal campaigns with a fun factor
Since 2020, we have been implementing Migros' seasonal campaign pages such as Easter or Christmas. The campaign pages contain recipes, tips and special offers designed to inspire Migros customers through the Migros product range. At the heart of each campaign is a games with competitions or another digital "activation measure".
Migros Genossenschafts Bund
Projektmanagement, Web development

An interdisciplinary team for Migros 

Setting up seasonal campaign pages that have to be launched on a specific date requires a well-rehearsed team. Over the past years, the project team, made up of designers, developers and project managers from Mutabor, Wirz, Apps with love and Migros, has been able to establish good processes that simplify cross-company collaboration.
While the Agency Wirz takes the lead for the entire campaign (i.e. also takes care of "out-of-home") and Mutabor is responsible for the conception and design of the digital parts of the campaigns, we are responsible for the technical implementation and operation.

Inspiration, promotions and competitions

The campaign pages are designed to provide users with inspiration for the respective season and to showcase the diversity of the Migros product range. On the campaign pages, users find current promotions, seasonal recipes and decoration, gift ideas as well as many other useful articles, tips and tricks.

In addition, as mentioned above, the visitors are offered a fun activity such as an advent calendar or a postcard generator for example. These activities ensure that customers regularly return to the campaign pages and provide entertainment. In addition, the activities sometimes serve a good cause and give something back to society.

A selection of implemented campaigns

Summer campaign 2023

The Summer 2023 campaign focused on the diversity of the Migros range. In the "Pack the Migros bag" competition, users tried to memorize the sequence of Migros products displayed and then pack them in the bag in the correct order.

Migros Summer Campaign 2023 on desktop and mobile

Easter campaign 2023

In addition to the classic content, the 2023 Easter campaign included an "egg cracking game". Players had to tap the fragments of a cracked egg in the correct order. They could win Migros gift cards - the more cracked eggs, the higher the chances of winning.

Migros easter game 2023

Christmas campaign 2022

A digital advent calendar was created for the 2022 Christmas campaign. Every day users could open a door and solve a puzzle hidden behind it. Anyone who successfully solved the puzzle within 24 hours could win prizes.

Migros christmasgame 2022

Easter campaign 2022 with an AR egg race

In the Migros Easter campaign 2021, the classic egg race was brought to life virtually. In the integrated augmented reality game, users used their smartphone to balance a digital egg on a spoon and collect points. Boosters distributed throughout the room and weekly challenges turned every run into a fun experience.

Migros Easter Campaign and AR Game 2022

Christmas campaign 2021 with postcard generator

The Christmas campaign included a specially created "postcard generator". This could be used to send Christmas greetings in the form of postcards. The project was launched by Migros Engagement together with Spitex. Spitex employees delivered the Christmas greetings to those affected in order to send some love for Christmas. Here you can find more information about the 2021 Christmas campaign.

Summer campaign 2020 with barbecue timer and barbecue game

Migros' 2020 summer campaign was all about barbecues and included everything you need for a successful barbecue summer. The integrated barbecue timer automatically calculated the perfect temperature and cooking time for the food. The barbecue game gave players the chance to put their multitasking skills to the test. Find out more about the Grillitarier Campaign 2020 here.

Rémy Böhler
Rémy Böhler
Head of Web Development
If he wanted to, he could program a website with his little toe while blindfolded... but he doesn’t want to. Our secret weapon when it comes to web development.
Kajetan Som
Kajetan Som
Web Development
He could easily earn his money with Photoshop artwork, but to our delight he also likes to implement web projects. With degrees in computer science and visual communication, he brings the perfect mix of skills to the table. And thanks to the Google Meet background feature, we still get to enjoy his penchant for graphics, typography and whimsical image compositions.
Andrea Zeller
Andrea Zeller
Project Management
For someone who has been managing Swiss rail traffic for 10 years, it's a piece of cake to set up projects and then have them run as if on rails. Maybe it's also because she drinks a tea by the liter or always has a box of chocolates at hand that she can't be rattled too quickly.
Roman Hofer
Roman Hofer
Co-Head of Project Management
Always has a smile on his face and is ready to crack a joke, but when it's serious you can rely on him like no other. When he's not out in the fresh air with his phone to his ear, you're sure to find him on a bike trail.
Kim Jeker
Kim Jeker
Web Development
He dreams of the wildest backend, frontend, API and CMS concepts and when you ask him if they are feasible, his answer is a simple "yes". No wonder with such a treasure chest of experience!
Patrick von Arx
Patrick von Arx
Support & Help Desk
He dared to make the leap across the pond: from client to agency side. He therefore knows exactly how to make customers happy and stays as cool as a cucumber when solving problems. As a compensation, he rides a motorcycle, and despite the lack of evidence, sharp tongues persistently claim that he likes the Ballermann...
Carra Tillon
Carra Tillon
Web Development
Anyone who learns to love coding after a degree in Mechanical Engineering, knows programming languages from the 1950s, trades Belgian waffles for raclette, likes to tirelessly explain what "Korfball" is and runs marathons, not only has a lot of stamina, but is really bad ass.
Matthias Tschanz
Matthias Tschanz
Technical Lead Backend Development
Plant power gives him his calmness, strength and height. As well as many programming languages, he also knows a few very potent magic spells that turn people into animals – so watch out!
Web & App Development
Web & App Development
Simon Gottstein
Simon Gottstein
Project Management & Lead QA Team
He likes to dive not only into waters of all kinds, but also into the depths of our projects. In addition to being a dive master, he is also a master of good humor, persuasion and coffee & cake breaks. With his broad experience it's all right for him to laugh - whoever implements projects with him is always entertained.
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