All promotions at a glance
With the Denner app, you can keep track of current and upcoming Denner promotions, create and share shopping lists, set up practical promotion alerts and conveniently order online in the wine shop. The app that lets you benefit from all the Denner offers in the best possible way.
Denner AG
Concept and design, Software development

Out with the old, in with the new

The former Denner app was developed in 2012 and was accordingly no longer up to date, both technically and visually. It was time for a modernization!

The new app has been implemented natively for the most part. Content is loaded in the background, which prevents long loading times.

The wine shop is integrated as a webview. Mid-term, this will remain the same: As is often the case, there are dependencies on many peripheral systems, which can quickly become relatively complex, especially when it comes to online shops. This raises the question of whether a native implementation makes sense in the given and grown system landscape. In the case of the wine shop, the Denner and Apps with love project teams decided to wait with a native implementation until the systems in the background had been modernised and simplified, so that a native implementation would be easier to realise. Apart from that, the current solution works and the users are familiar with it - don't fix what ain't broken.

Smarphone with open wine scanner in front of wine rack
With the convenient wine scanner, Denner customers can quickly obtain all the information about the desired bottle of wine in the store.
Cyrill Grunauer

"The new development of an app is a complex matter, especially if the app has to be connected to a historically grown and already complex system landscape. Apps with love has managed to quickly gain an overview and also finds excellent solutions to challenges in the system landscape. This makes the collaboration very instructive and important insights are generated that are also helpful in other projects."

Cyrill Grunauer - Projektmanager E-Commerce Denner

Convenient shopping at Denner 

The new app is designed to bring even more benefits to Denner customers, which is why existing functionalities have been improved and new functionalities added:

Improved overview of promotions: Products are displayed more clearly and the filter function has been improved. Promotions can now be searched easily.

Shopping lists: The shopping list feature has been greatly improved and made more accessible. Lists can be shared, edited together and supplemented with individual notes, products can be added to the desired shopping list with one click.

Person buying vegetables according to their Denner Shopping List
The Denner app - with a convenient shopping list feature - is also available in dark mode.

Personalize: The app can be set up according to your own preferences so that only promotions that really interest you are displayed. For example, non-smokers can disable the promotions on tobacco products. The same applies to alcohol consumption, meat consumption or lactose intolerance. You can also set up notifications according to your own preferences.

Login: The implementation of the Migros login allows the synchronizing of settings or, for example, the shopping list between devices. It also creates a link to and the wine shop.

Promotion alerts: In order to never miss a promotion, practical promotion alerts can be set up. Users are notified as soon as the desired product is on sale.

Improved store locator: The revised store locator shows the shortest route to the nearest Denner store and provides information about current opening hours and local offers. The regular store can be added as a favourite.

The design was modernized, especially the presentation of promotions was made clearer. However, clear identification marks such as the Denner price tag and the visual language remained in focus.

Sketch preferences
Sketch main branch
Sketch Overview of the discounted products
Sketch reduced products detailed view
First sketches of the new Denner app design
Final Screen Preferences
Final screen for the selection of the main branch
Overview of current Denner promotions
Detail view reduced lamb fillet
Elaborate visual design

UX writing - clear, concise and helpful texts

A good user experience includes not only a beautiful design and an easy-to-use interface, but also clear and easy-to-understand texts. Users should be guided through the interface as intuitively as possible, and interaction with the app should feel natural. This is where UX writing comes in. The individual short text modules, the so-called microcopy, are analysed and improved.

Specifically this involves buttons, titles, error messages, call-to-actions, empty states and so on.

During the design process, we scrutinized these text modules in the Denner app with the support of Jrene Rolli. We added or simplified unclear phrases and standardized the tone of voice so that it matched the rest of Denner's communication style. The texts were then translated and optimized again by a French- and an Italian-speaking UX writer.

Denner App Welcome Screen before and after UX-Writing
Denner App screen of preferences before and after UX-Writing
Denner App Login Screen before and after UX-Writing
Screens of the Denner app before and after UX writing

User-centred approach

Major innovations are not always well received by users. It is therefore all the more important to listen to the feedback of the community and to take their input into account in new and further developments. For example, shortly after the first release, the shopping list feature was adapted again to better meet the wishes and needs of the users.

Adrian Bader
Adrian Bader
Project Management, RE & Agile Coach
The coolest of dudes, can do everything and can do it all simultaneously. His great-grandfather imported projected management from Japan and schooled him in this old tradition. Of course, he knows the movie “Project-Manager Kid” inside out.
Olivier Oswald
Olivier Oswald
CTO | Co-Founder
His hair is well insured and is testimony to IT experience from the very earliest days of this art. There is no technical challenge that he hasn’t already faced at one time or other. It goes without saying that he has guru status and can generate WLAN through meditation.
Samantha Howlett
Samantha Howlett
Backend Development
In her free time, she likes to explore the endless worlds of Guild Wars 2 and enjoy metal concerts. The best prerequisites, therefore, for mastering even the most complex coding challenges in a concentrated, quiet and calm manner during the day. Metal, after all 🤘.
Stefan Spieler
Stefan Spieler
Concept & Design
Design professional in all aspects. Has a beard now but is still up for every sort of goofing around when it comes to design, games, 3D, table tennis, swimming, horse riding or reading. One of the first with us and still one of the nicest.
Valentin Naegeli
Valentin Naegeli
Head of Marketing & Sales
If you want to develop an app with us, Valentin’s the one you’ll get the first info and tips from. He’s more than familiar with the whole app ecosystem and knows if an app is worth it or if investments are going to have to be made first in marketing or a website. We also know him as “The Wolf of Landoltstreet”.
Vera Schürch
Vera Schürch
Head of Concept & Design
Her eye for space and form turns every project into a delectable piece of eye candy. She’s a master of that old art that has all but disappeared – drawing by hand with an antiquated piece of equipment, the so-called pencil. This tool is moved over the paper and lines appear... It’s crazy!
Maya Walther
Maya Walther
Marketing & Sales, UX-Writing
Highly qualified know-how, pragmatism, efficiency, creativity: she has it all. Fresh texts and new ideas lift our marketing team to the next level.
Raphael Neuenschwander
Raphael Neuenschwander
iOS Development & Solution Architecture
The nicest guy on earth with an accent to die for. If we were childless, we would adopt him. Plus, he’s an absolute professional when it comes to bits & bytes.
Web & App Development
Martin Moser
Martin Moser
Project Management
Still waters run deep. A project manager with whom you can imagine sitting around a campfire, barbecuing the grizzly you’ve just caught, and pondering about the stars until the sun comes up. If you want to realise a project in a hyper-laidback, worry-free way, you’re safe in his paws.
Maximilian Lemberg
Maximilian Lemberg
iOS Development
Maxi is an initiator and creates enthusiasm not only on trial days, but also at team outings, hackathons, thirsty fridays, basketball games - in fact at any kind of event. Thanks to his DJ sets, even at office housewarmings no one sits still and the team stays motivated. Or as he would probably say: hyped.
Yannick Pulver
Yannick Pulver
Technical Lead Android Development
Our Android dev with style! He could have been the new face of Dior in Paris but instead he was drawn to the mountains, where he observes the beauty and richness of nature.
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