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Apps with love specialises in the development of user-friendly digital products that make everyday life easier for our users. From the initial idea through user research, concept and design to technical development and marketing.


Find out more about the way we work
with the interactive development process.


The analysis answers the following questions: What needs to existing and future users have, and what product requirements can be identified from the usage context. Where do users have problems with existing products? How do users behave when interacting with the product?
Outputs are insights into the users when interacting with the test object.


Beta Release

An application for test purposes which is still in the development stage. This facilitates extensive testing without publishing the app.



Software and design errors are identified and rectified.



We design all the elements of our digital products – from the user interface to the corporate design. In parallel, we specify the technical and functional details in this phase. With the wireframes and navigation schemes, mock-ups and interactive prototypes are created. This includes constructing the client’s existing CI/CD, if applicable. Otherwise, a completely new visual line is developed.



We design all the elements of our digital products – from the user interface to the corporate design. In parallel, we specify the technical and functional details in this phase. With the wireframes and navigation schemes, mock-ups and interactive prototypes are created. This includes constructing the client’s existing CI/CD, if applicable. Otherwise, a completely new visual line is developed.



The objective of this step is to collect and collate ideas. What ideas and inspiration do our stakeholders have, and how do we access them? How can we use different perspectives for the development of innovative concepts? The results of this process steps are ideas and inspiration.



The project team starts off with a preliminary project or kick-off meeting in the concept stage of a project. Together with the client, acceptance criteria for the identified requirements are defined. The first wireframes and the navigation scheme are created. These serve as a basic framework for the technical realisation and the design.



Anyone offering an app also needs to market the application in an attractive manner. The app development costs will not pay off if the app is not downloaded and used. We launch apps on the market with suitable campaigns and advertising strategies.



Prototyping helps to test an idea in a very short timeframe, before larger investments are necessary. As a purely visual clickable dummy app or as a functional prototype, a prototype can lead to initial results very quickly, facilitating early feedback on the adequacy of the solution approach.



The big moment! The app or update come on the market, and finally, users can benefit from all the invested brainwork. But the process is not yet complete. Now, the release also needs to be communicated.



Requirements describe the scope in detail. Specific and clearly defined requirements are needed to serve as a basis for the development of the digital product concept.



In the research stage, the behaviour of (potential) users is investigated. Which psychological mechanisms explain the user behaviour and experience? Which motives exist for the use of an application?
Output: Scientific explanations of the user behaviour and experience.



Before the release, one more obstacle must be cleared: collecting reviews from the relevant app store operators. Google, Apple and other major players watch app developers very carefully. However, if guidelines are followed, the app is released and can be published.



The scope describes which core functions should be included in the app, and what the user benefit is. It also serves to define and differentiate: What is realised in this project, and what is not?



Documented test cases help to design the big fixing stage efficiently and well-structured. An assessment of the app functionalities being mapped in quality control in full is only possible if the test requirements are clearly defined and a catalogue of test cases is in place.


Usability Testing

UX is the key to the user and describes the experience during interaction with the app. User experience design involves developing the experience chain from the perspective of the end user, shifting the focus to the customer experience, rather than the features.



Our thoughts revolve around our users. The combination of their requirements, economic objectives and technical possibilities leads to successful product innovations and an excellent user experience.


User Research

The objective of user research is to systematically capture and develop a better understanding of the behaviour and experience of individuals in their role as a user of digital products and technologies in their relevant context. Our User Research Team uses sound research and innovation methods: From qualitative in-depth interviews, quantitative questionnaires through interactive observations directly in the users’ routine to co-creation workshop with clients and users.



Users are also at the heart of our marketing. While new users need to hear about the offer, the existing userbase and their requirements and expectations need to be taken into account.



The validation stage serves to create evaluative user feedback on the test object. This clarifies questions of product fit for the app and the target group. To what extent does the developed product match the defined purpose, and how is the user-friendliness rated? It further clarifies how product acceptance can already be tested in the early stages.



BOSA 2016/2017

"App of the year" Master Award

4 x Gold Best of Swiss APP

10 x Silver Best of Swiss APP

16 x Bronze Best of Swiss APP

Kununu top Company

Finalist SEF.AWARD 2015

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21. September 2018

PWA Teil 2: Möglichkeiten, Grenzen und Stärken

Was können Progressive Web Apps (PWA) heute schon? Wie sieht es mit der Browser-Kompatibilität aus? Wir zeigen Beispiele und wo ihre Stärken liegen.

18. September 2018

Senior Web/UX Designer 80-100% (w/m) in Basel

In Basel suchen wir Verstärkung für unser Progressiv Web App Team. Apps with love ist darauf spezialisiert, digitale Produkte und Marken zu entwickeln

24. August 2018

Mit Apps Geld verdienen, wie geht das?

App Monetarisierung - welche verschiedenen App Business Modelle gibt es und was sind ihre Vor- und Nachteile?


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